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Regular maintenance is the single most important thing that any vehicle owner can do for their car. Not only will it extend the life of your vehicle, but it is also critical in preventing breakdowns and costly repairs due to neglect. Whether it's an oil change or timing belt replacement, we can help you keep your car running like new.


The oil and other fluids in your car are your vehicle's life lines. They are essential in the operation of critical systems like your braking, cooling and steering systems. Over time, these fluids can break down and become less effective all the while leaving nasty deposits where they shouldn't be. Each fluid has an expected life and when those fluids become degraded and are not changed, it can spell big trouble later on. The best policy is to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and change your fluids regularly.


Fluids are not the only thing in your car that requires regular attention.  Brakes, hoses, belts and seals should be inspected regularly to ensure they are in good condition. A worn belt or hose may leave you stranded on the side of the road. Seals that are leaking not only release unnecessary pollutants into the environment, they may eventually lead to expensive engine or transmission damage if they are neglected. Brake repair costs can double or tripple if brake pads or shoes are allowed to wear past their acceptable threshold. Catching these items before they become a problem will save you money in the  longrun. 


Following your vehicle manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule is the easieast way to stay on top of your car's maintenance. These schedules are a comprehensive health plan that is taylored specific to your vehicle. Performing these recommended services ensures that you are doing your part to keep your car happy and healthy. We can provide you with a copy of this schedule and help prioritize the items based on your budget and the condition of your vehicle. 

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