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Diversity - Equity - Integrity

That's what we stand for and nothing less.

Finding an honest mechanic can be hard enough on it's own, but how about finding a repair shop where you can come as you are and feel safe? We value diversity and everyone is welcome in our shop. We take pride in offering the best service in the industry to everyone regardless of your age, gender, orientation or any other attribute that makes you uniquely special. It's a pretty simple concept, and we're here for it.

Our Story

Autotek International was born out of my love for cars and my love for people. I started working on cars long before I could legally drive them. Where I grew up was very rural and when I finally could drive, my car was my only ticket to freedom. Out of necessity, I quickly learned how to repair the derelict jalopies that were the only wheels I could afford as a teenager. The more they broke, the more I learned. It was my passion. I was fascinated by cars and mechanics came naturally to me.


By the time I graduated high school, I was helping others and by my early 20s I was taking on side work on a regular basis. As the years passed, I developed a large following and finally the side work surpassed my day job. In late 2014, with the encouragement of my friends, family and customers, I leased a shop. I walked in with nothing more than a few basic tools and sheer determination. I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. We opened for business on January 5th, 2015. Over time, I painstakingly built this business from the ground up while never sacrificing what was important to me. I love people, I love cars and I found a way to make a living helping the people I love fix the machines they depend on. My recipe was simple: integrity, kindness and quality work.

Today I look at this shop and am so proud of what I created out of nothing. I’ve got some of the best people in the industry working with me and who share my vision. I get to collaborate with them every day all in the name of making sure that you get the best possible service from the most knowledgeable people. You can manifest what you want in life and this was what I wanted. To help people and to play cars all day. Onward and upward! That’s what dreams are made of.

Zack - Founder & CEO

Meet The Team

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